Sherris Consulting develops strategic planning deliverables that assess an organization's strengths and challenges, analyze the environment within which an organization works, and articulate long-term approaches for achieving greater health and organizational impact.  Specific deliverables that we produce with and for clients include:

  • Policy analyses outlining key global and national policies, guidelines, and measurement approaches related to critical global health needs

  • Analytic spreadsheets describing and ranking potential donors and partners aligned with an organization's goals, capacities, and geographic focus

  • Brand maps that use key metrics to illustrate where an organization fits within its competitive environment

  • SWOT assessments that engage internal and external stakeholders in assessing an organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

  • Long-term, measureable goals and objectives to guide an organization's strategic plan

  • Strategic planning frameworks that map activities, inputs, outputs, and outcomes critical to achieving an organization's goals and objectives

  • Management tools - including timelines, decision-making protocols, and M&E plans - for implementing against strategic plans

  • Outreach plans aimed at engaging key partners and donors in achieving strategic aims

  • Board assessments and development plans to help INGO boards more effectively support, monitor, and achieve organizational goals

All of these specific deliverables inform overall recommendations that help organizations make phased decisions, adaptations, and investments to achieve their strategic goals.